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Welcome to Willi's Best Guide Medellin

Hi, my name is William, "Willi". I have 23 years experience as a professional private tour guide in Medellin Colombia. If you're planning to visit Medellin Colombia or even an extended stay, I am your one stop shop.

I am bilingual Spanish/English and lived in Boston Massachusetts for six years. I was born and raised in the Medellin Valley of Colombia and I know every square inch of the Medellin and surrounding areas. The Medellin or city of eternal spring, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have served as a companion, translator and guide to hundreds of clients from all over the globe. I take great pride in my commitment to the complete satisfaction of my clients. My fees are extremely competitive but my guidance, service, loyalty and trustworthiness to my clients is second to none! Please put my many years of experience as a professional tour guide in Medellin Colombia to work for you on your next trip to my beautiful country.


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"Congratulations William, you have won Tour Guide of the Year - William Zuluaga for Medellin in the 2017 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards!"
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"Congratulations William, you have won Tour Guide of the Year - William Zuluaga for Medellin in the 2016 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards!"

Welcome to Willi Best Guide Medellin

Medellin's Premiere Services and Tours


My customized services are tailored to your individual needs. Wether your trip is business, pleasure, tourism, adventure, health, etc, I am your one stop tour guide in Medellin Colombia. My service has everything you'll need from transportation, translation, counseling, logistical arrangements and I can accommodate all of your travel needs from A-Z. Rest assured, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you will be in the hands of the most reputable and honest tour guide in Colombia.

Professional Guide

I provide guidance, translation services, support  and counseling with or without transportation. My service is flexible; including but not limited to private security, logistical mobilization, real estate/ hotel accommodation, medical assistance, access to the most affordable shopping, dining, and virtually any service that you may need during your stay. Again, I am your one stop shop in Colombia!

If you have any questions or would like to inquire further about my professional services, please do not hesitate to contact me at +57 300 6778058 or via Email


If you need a certified interpreter should be requested well in advance, to be booking for a date and time required. Translation services, guidance and support, no transportation, are hired for a minimum of four hours. It is recommended that you make reservations well in advance, since the main purpose is to provide a comprehensive and personalized service.



I am happy to recommend William's Tourist Service and support . While my husband received medical treatment in Meddillin, William's guidance, practical assistance and friendship, made this difficult time as pleasant as possible.  Our many day trips helped us relax and learn a great deal about the country and the Pais culture.
לכל  מאן דיבעי אני מאד שמח שניתנה לי הזכות להמליץ  על ויליאם סילוואגה על עבודתו הנאמנה כמלווה שלנו, בעיר מדיין.ויליאם גרם לנו לחוויה נהדרת תודות למקצעויותו , לאדיבותו,למזגו הטוב, ולכשרונו לספק את כל השרותים לתייר ע"י הכרותו  הרחבה של כל מספקי השרותים הנחוצים  בקולומביה, הוא גורם למבקר הרגשה טובה ובטוחה  אני מאחל לויליאם הצלחה  בכל דרכיו ובמידת האפשר אשתדל לחזור לבקור בקולומביה ולהסתייע  בשרותיו.
רב מנהל המחלקה לתרבות תורנית
בעיריית   תל אביב  יפו (לשעבר)

-Judy Hochman

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