Ingeborg Halvorsen

In connection with our 3 weeks long visit in Medellin March 2011, we were recommended William Zuluaga “Willy`s” as our English speaking driver and guide. This acquaintance turned out to be very enriching for our stay in Medellin.
Our first meeting with William was on a daytrip to Santa Fe. It became a great experience. William is extremely well informed, and he speaks English perfectly. He gave us a good introduction to the history of Medellin and Santa Fe, and to Medellin’s development from being a dangerous city with a high degree of violence and drug criminality to turning into a tourist friendly city with many sights.
William himself is a good representative for this friendliness, and for us he became a good friend, and we have kept in touch after returning to Norway.
On longer trips “Willy’s” uses a comfortable vehicle with lot of space, while he in the city traffic between different sights drives his own taxi. William knows Medellin very well and what guests to the city ought to see and experience. In addition to being a perfect guide, he is very helpful with translation, interpretation and giving advice concerning security and all other practical things one needs help with. No commission is too small for him.
William is punctual and always to be trusted. He is a man with high ethical standard. As well as being proud of Colombia and Medellin, William was also very interested in learning about conditions in the Norwegian society. He also wanted to know our view on Medellin and what we meant was important to achieve a positive development for the city and the country.  He is very well informed about the society, and we had many interesting discussions.
In every way we had a very nice stay in Medellin. “Willy Best Guide Medellin” makes it easy for a visitor to plan and make a trip to Medellin. Medellin is an exciting and great town with a positive development. And we would very much want to come back.
With friendly regards from Risør, Norway

Ingeborg Halvorsen and Odd Eldrup Olsen