Coffee Tour of Antioquia

A journey through the world of Colombian coffee by the hand of a local colombian coffee farmer.

*Short and overnight coffee tours are also offered.  Contact us for a quote and additional information

Typical farm in the coffee zone of Colombia
View of the coffe zone
Coffee field
Dawn in the coffee zone
Medellin one day private tour guide, with Willi
Coffee selection
Coffee drying
Learning about the coffee
coffee bean classification
Learning about coffee
Walking through the coffee fields with your travel guide in Medellin
"The Carriel" Juan Valdez´ bag
Jeep Willys "Typical transport of the triangle of the caffe"
100% Colombian Coffe.
The smoothest coffee in the world.
Juan Valdes
Ambassadors of the Colombian Coffee.
The world's most famous coffee
Fresh Almond coffee
Cultivation of coffee
Drying coffee almond.
Entrada a una finca cafetera.
Beauties of the coffee region of Colombia
Kiosk in Guadua
Coffee farm kitchen
Preparing 100% Colombian coffee.
I did not choose to be born in Colombia ... I just got lucky.
The only risk is wanting to stay !!!
Peace ... like a coffee scented.
Identity of a "Paisa" man.
Learning the art of preparing a good "Tinto"
Zen Garden at Paisa style I
Zen Garden at Paisa style II
From the heart of Colombia for your enjoyment.
Welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee with Willi !!!
Living a Coffee Experience
Feeling like a Coffee farmer
Medellin Coffee Tours
The Coffee flower
A typical Coffee town
A typical Coffee farmer's house
The green coffee bean
The cherry coffee bean
Traditional milling of colombian coffee
Traditional drying of colombian coffee
Colombian coffee farm
Colombian coffee farmer's house
The coffee almond in the bag
The coffee almond ready for roasting
Roasting coffee
Antioquia coffee region
Coffee pickers " Las Chapoleras "
The coffee grown
The coffee roasting process
Alternative crops in coffee plantations " La Guama "