The week that I spent touring Medellin in July 2011 was without question of the one of the richest experience of my life. As much as I like to get "lost" so to speak, when I travel, journeys into foreign lands are often the most enjoyable when you have an expert guide leading you straight to the best of what the locale has to offer. This trip turned out to be one the latter kind, due to our erudite guide William Zuluaga.

William has an uncanny, almost encyclopedic knowledge of Medellin’s rich culture, and history. The man truly knows his country. His first world sensibilities, and proficiency with the English language were indispensible tools that he used to lead us on his personally curated adventure, which became our journey.
My areas of interests lie primarily in food, art, history and nightlife. William highlighted each for us, beginning with the culinary tour of a lifetime. From fantastic street food such as empanadas and perros calientes in the Zona  Rosa, to epic mixed grill dinners high up in the mountainside villages just outside of town, he and Medellin exceeded all gastronomic expectations. Among the sights William showed us were the Museo de Antioachos and Botero park, beautiful street art in the Poblado district, as well as Parque Llegas with its all night party appeal.
I felt like we truly saw the best of what Medellin has to offer, all the while learning incredible details regarding the history behind the different works of art and architecture and the significance of these diverse attractions. Not only is William a walking talking textbook and map of Medellin, he is charming, personable and a great touring companion. Not in small part due to his guidance we plan to return to the great city early next. 
If you have good fortune to share this experience with William Zuluaga rest assured you will see Medellin from a first class seat.

-Daniel Dimin

I have known William and his family for about eleven years and can honestly say, even while living in the United States, he has been a true ambassador for Medellin and the Colombian people. His honesty, love and knowledge of Medellin coupled with his English skills make him a safe and intelligent choice for any visitor to Medellin for almost any occasion. Inasmuch as he is able to control the outcome, I can say with a great deal of confidence, you will not be disappointed with the services he provides.
For further inquiries or reference, I can be reached at shane@merrittcapitalmanagement.com

-Shane Merritt

I desire to certify that I know Mr. William Zuluaga since 1985 ,as taxi driver and guide in the City of Medellin - Colombia, South America.  He has transported for many years the suppliers that visit us from other countries, as we work as representatives for foreign companies. , and he has done also tours for them. He speaks several languages as spanish , english and hebrew.Furthermore he is a very reliable and kind person.
I can recommend him widely and who uses his service will meet an excellent worker and human being.   e-mail: rodamundo@racsa.co.cr

-Petra Martens

While I was traveling to Medellin in January 2011, I was fortunate enough to find William and use his services.  I stayed in Medellin for 1 month, and I can tell you that having William show me the city of Medellin (and Guatape) was a pleasure.  He knows the city very well, and he caters to his customers needs.  My trip wouldn't have been the same if it wasn't for having William as my guide.  His experience and knowledge of Medellin was excellent, and his services will make your trip incredible.  I am now happy to call William a friend, and not a tourist guide (even though he's great at it!).  William is honest and sincere, and I believe that's what makes his services so great.  His ability to customize your tour based on your needs is what seperates him from everyone else.  If your going to Medellin, and you want to have the time of your life, William is the guide to use!


I am happy to recommend William's Tourist Service and support . While my husband received medical treatment in Meddillin, William's guidance, practical assistance and friendship, made this difficult time as pleasant as possible.  Our many day trips helped us relax and learn a great deal about the country and the Pais culture.  judyhoc@gmail.com
לכל  מאן דיבעי אני מאד שמח שניתנה לי הזכות להמליץ  על ויליאם סילוואגה על עבודתו הנאמנה כמלווה שלנו, בעיר מדיין.ויליאם גרם לנו לחוויה נהדרת תודות למקצעויותו , לאדיבותו,למזגו הטוב, ולכשרונו לספק את כל השרותים לתייר ע"י הכרותו  הרחבה של כל מספקי השרותים הנחוצים  בקולומביה, הוא גורם למבקר הרגשה טובה ובטוחה  אני מאחל לויליאם הצלחה  בכל דרכיו ובמידת האפשר אשתדל לחזור לבקור בקולומביה ולהסתייע  בשרותיו.
רב מנהל המחלקה לתרבות תורנית
בעיריית   תל אביב  יפו (לשעבר)

-Judy Hochman

I can honestly say that after 8 months of travel within South America (and LOTS of taxis in 6 different countries), William is the best taxi driver I met. When I arrived in Medellin, I was blessed with the good fortune that the first taxi driver I hailed on the street was William. Since I didn't know Spanish at the time, I was happy to discover that he spoke fluent English. This made getting around so much easier. Since William also knew the city so well, keeping him as my taxi driver added a depth to my experience that I wouldn't have had otherwise (it seemed he knew every place I brought up to him and that he had friends everywhere we went). Over my three months of using William's service, I learned that he was very trustworthy, out-going and fun to hang out with. While this isn't uncommon for a Paisa, it is especially true in William's case and this made our weekend excursions when I had guests in town that much more fun. In my many travels around the world, I've learned there's nothing like having a local friend show you how to really enjoy a place. William was that friend for me in Medellin. Thanks William for a great experience. If anybody has any questions about William's service feel free to ask me, here's my blog: http://www.jasonargall.com

-Jason Argall

This was our first visit to Medellin and right away we fell in love with this city. Its people are highly professional, hardworking, affable and honest. The city is full of beautiful interesting sites with many cultural activities and succulent dishes.  We were lucky to find William's advertisement in our hotel and contacted him with our wish list for a day trip.  He was punctual in picking us up and in a few minutes of conversation we could tell how resourceful and knowledgeable he is. His enthusiasm and pride for Antioquia is contagious. William continually asked our preferences during the trip and made adjustments on the moment to please us. He took us on a day trip full of beautiful landscapes, interesting small towns, and great food. We strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to have a fun and informative tour in Antioquia.
For further inquiries we can be reached at raarce@gmail.com.

-Maritza y Rafael

As an american expat with limited spanish language skills I have often found it difficult to negotiate my way around Medellin. To this end William Zuluaga has been of great assistance to me. We met by chance as he drove me to the golf course in El Rodeo. I was very impressed with his profesional manner and his easy understanding of english. These are two traits not readily found in Medellin. Through the course of time I have come to rely on him and his extensive contacts in all walks of Medellin life. He was instrumental in helping me obtain a visa, connecting me to competent legal services, translating documents, and offering suggestions on safe accomodations in which to live. We have gone on excursions out of the city and I have the utmost confidence in his integrity. Through the course of time we have actually become good friends and I have met his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. William is intent on promoting all things good about Medellin and he is an excellent ambassador for the city. If you only have a short time to stay in Medellin I highly recommend his services to enhance your enjoyment of the city. If you are staying long term you will find him a good friend and resource.

-Stuart Makowsky
Picture of Stuart Malkowsky

In connection with our 3 weeks long visit in Medellin March 2011, we were recommended William Zuluaga “Willy`s” as our English speaking driver and guide. This acquaintance turned out to be very enriching for our stay in Medellin.
Our first meeting with William was on a daytrip to Santa Fe. It became a great experience. William is extremely well informed, and he speaks English perfectly. He gave us a good introduction to the history of Medellin and Santa Fe, and to Medellin’s development from being a dangerous city with a high degree of violence and drug criminality to turning into a tourist friendly city with many sights.
William himself is a good representative for this friendliness, and for us he became a good friend, and we have kept in touch after returning to Norway.
On longer trips “Willy’s” uses a comfortable vehicle with lot of space, while he in the city traffic between different sights drives his own taxi. William knows Medellin very well and what guests to the city ought to see and experience. In addition to being a perfect guide, he is very helpful with translation, interpretation and giving advice concerning security and all other practical things one needs help with. No commission is too small for him.
William is punctual and always to be trusted. He is a man with high ethical standard. As well as being proud of Colombia and Medellin, William was also very interested in learning about conditions in the Norwegian society. He also wanted to know our view on Medellin and what we meant was important to achieve a positive development for the city and the country.  He is very well informed about the society, and we had many interesting discussions.
In every way we had a very nice stay in Medellin. “Willy Best Guide Medellin” makes it easy for a visitor to plan and make a trip to Medellin. Medellin is an exciting and great town with a positive development. And we would very much want to come back.
With friendly regards from Risør, Norway

-Ingeborg Halvorsen and Odd Eldrup Olsen

Danke William!
Meine Eltern waren im Februar das erste Mal aus Deutschland zu Besuch bei mir in Medellin.
Auf Grund von viel Arbeit viel es mir dabei schwer ihnen die Stadt zu zeigen. Ein Freund von mir empfohl mir William als exzellenten Tour Guide und ich muss sagen mein Freund hatte Recht.  
William hat meinen Eltern während der 3 Wochen Medellin und viele der umliegenden kleinen Städte gezeigt und meine Eltern hätten glücklicher nicht sein können.  
Williams Wissen über Kolumbien und seine Geduld waren einfach weltklasse.

Dazu kam das jedes Restaurant das sie besuchten ein voller Erfolg war und die individuellen Ausflüge waren genau auf den Geschmack meiner Eltern abgestimmt.
Vielen vielen Dank William für den unvergesslichen Urlaub!

Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Mal!

-Jens and Silke
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