I can honestly say that after 8 months of travel within South America (and LOTS of taxis in 6 different countries), William is the best taxi driver I met. When I arrived in Medellin, I was blessed with the good fortune that the first taxi driver I hailed on the street was William. Since I didn't know Spanish at the time, I was happy to discover that he spoke fluent English. This made getting around so much easier. Since William also knew the city so well, keeping him as my taxi driver added a depth to my experience that I wouldn't have had otherwise (it seemed he knew every place I brought up to him and that he had friends everywhere we went). Over my three months of using William's service, I learned that he was very trustworthy, out-going and fun to hang out with. While this isn't uncommon for a Paisa, it is especially true in William's case and this made our weekend excursions when I had guests in town that much more fun. In my many travels around the world, I've learned there's nothing like having a local friend show you how to really enjoy a place. William was that friend for me in Medellin. Thanks William for a great experience. If anybody has any questions about William's service feel free to ask me, here's my blog: http://www.jasonargall.com

-Jason Argall