This was our first visit to Medellin and right away we fell in love with this city. Its people are highly professional, hardworking, affable and honest. The city is full of beautiful interesting sites with many cultural activities and succulent dishes.  We were lucky to find William's advertisement in our hotel and contacted him with our wish list for a day trip.  He was punctual in picking us up and in a few minutes of conversation we could tell how resourceful and knowledgeable he is. His enthusiasm and pride for Antioquia is contagious. William continually asked our preferences during the trip and made adjustments on the moment to please us. He took us on a day trip full of beautiful landscapes, interesting small towns, and great food. We strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to have a fun and informative tour in Antioquia.
For further inquiries we can be reached at raarce@gmail.com.

-Maritza y Rafael