Medellin City Tour by a local guide

Anyone visiting the city for the first time must go on this tour with Willi, a private local tour guide from Medellin, Colombia! 

Today Medellin is one of the safest cities in Colombia and Latin America, thanks to a huge cultural transformation, social and urban regions are catching up with the world and being part of a global community.
Medellin is taking a transformation of "social planning" that has to do with rebuilding the social communities, its development and a better quality of life for the population.
City that believes in coexistence and reconciliation which has given more cultural look, creating a high commitment to its citizens.
In recent years the city has undergone major changes:
  • Investment in physical infrastructure in all areas of the city.
  • Recover urban spaces and create new ones for the meeting citizen.
  • City process model of peace and social reintegration.
  • Increased commitment to the communities that are most vulnerable and have fewer economic resources.
  • More police and guarantees for the security agencies and justice.
  • Programs for inclusion, solidarity, education, health and living.
  • This is reflected in the construction of new library parks, new schools and improvements to existing educational institutions.


Medellin has a wide range of select dining experiences(80 restaurants).  You can find typical restaurants to specialized international cuisine of French, Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese, Peruvian, and more in different parts of the city.  There are options for all tastes and budgets, some of which are combined with entertainment: music, gatherings, and art shows.

As for the dishes of Medellin and Antioquia can include:
The " bandeja paisa ", this large dish is a set of compositions that includes beans, rice, pork, ground beef, sausage, black pudding, fried egg, slice of ripe banana, corn bread, salad, and avocado.
It is also very traditional to consume the arepa paisa (corn bread), the tamales: wrapped rice, chicken and vegetables, empanadas antioqueñas: Small pies wrapped potato, meat, and vegetables.
The typical alcoholic drink of the Antioquia region is the Aguardiente Antioqueño (Fire Water).
The main sectors where many restaurants are:
Corridor Las Palmas, El Poblado (Zona Rosa and the Golden Mile) where the increased supply of restaurants, San Fernando Plaza, La Strada, the area of Manila (Street of good food), the area of Laureles (Avenida Nutibara), and some in the city center.
More than 35 shopping centers, which deliver a very wide range at good prices to visitors, making Medellin a Shopping City.
25 museums with extensive cultural programs aimed at all audiences
Business service providers
5455 tourism between travel agents, hotels, restaurants and aggregations and others that provide work for the stay of tourists and guarantee their safety.
Infrastructure for conferences and conventions
Different scenarios of excellent architectural design and structure, with advanced technology are generating  implementation of major events of national and international: City of Congresses and Conventions.
Locations and venues for social events and academic events:
  • Plaza Mayor Convention Center
  • Several hotels in the city
  • Botanical Garden
  • Entertainment Center La Macarena
  • Metropolitan Theater


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