Here we present some news about Colombia as a new travel treasure destination.

Even though the naional government has given a date to re-open the international flights to September 1st, in the local aeronautic schedule is planned that the whole flights are going to be normalized by the end of novemeber.

In the schedule of the local flight department for the international flights has foreseen that in july some operational accords are planned, on september the first plans about safety corridors in the airports and the opening of general aviation and business related issues. On october the passengers traveling will be available and on november the re-opening of flights for “tourism and visitors”, said BluRadio (A local news radio station).

According to this schedule, during july Colombia has had conversations with other countries to coordinate the international conections. Nonetheless, it must be taken into account that the authorizations for the routes will depend on the health department. In case of none of the routes are available, the travelers must have to postpone their trips; it is stated as such in the medium.

On the other hand, according to IATA, the national government and Bogota’s town hall on august 15th there will be a meeting to talk about the re-opening of “El Dorado”, which is Bogota’s airport. The IATA says that the airlines are ready with biosecurity protocols to start operations.

“Is a good sign that national governments develop certain conversations for the re-opening with a determined date of the domestic aerial services in Colombia, including, El Dorado (Bogotá) as the most important airport for the country”, said the IATA.

The Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies ANATO, holds the most important tourism fair in Colombia. Colombia Prívate Tours thinking about how to offer better and greater services, is participating this year in search of new options for you.

Vitrina Turística Anato

 26 – 28 Feb 2020 Add To Calendar ( Ongoing ) Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia


“International exhibition for tour and travel”
Vitrina Turistica Anato is a platform to position your brand, promote new products, establish the best commercial relationships and consolidate existing ones. It is the best opportunity to find, in one place, the offer of tourism goods and services from countries and all regions of Colombia, so that the professional visitors will market them in the tourist market.

Comuna 13: Medellín is a city that has decided to go with transformation as a method of innovation for the proper development of its civilians and for the things we can do for the city itself. Comuna 13 is an iconic place in the city because the place represents exactly the idea of transformation in a positive and hardworking way; when you talk about this place, the idea of the phoenix bird comes to mind, as recovering this area of the city has meant for the community a big step for progress, a way to tell our story throughout art and all of its expressions, it can be by dancing, graffiti, or the electric stairs, a very resourceful proposal, and very unique also, that will intrigue anyone who visits the city to the point you would like to make part of such experience. We invite you to go through the city and its history from different perspective, paths and ideals.

Some of our clients positively impacted by the social transformation of Medellín and the inclusion strategies that have been developed in the city to overcome violence.

In this case with Chotas, who is the most symbolic and representative urban artist of commune 13.

After surviving the violence he has been able to give a positive growth for himself, his family, his community and his city.

Medellín, a pet friendly city
The city has been growing exponentially, not only humans are the ones increasing in number, our furry friends that also make part of this big number belong to our society. That increase has meant big and positive changes; the city has taken part to build new places, events and encounters in which pets and us(humans) can enjoy all of these big opportunities.
In the last year several parks were renovated in order to have a proper environment for those who visit it, adapting those places not only for us (people) but also for pets to enjoy for a clean and nice place in which they can get to know other dogs and run along with them. But not only there is open places, the city has been aware of this situation so a lot of places welcome pets as any other person that visits it; places such as, malls, some coffee places, restaurants and some bars in the city.
We invite you everybody to know about this experiences of getting in touch with Medellin from another perspective.

Medellin is a very rich touristic place, but the traditions of the local people is what intrigues to know about culture and other experiencies that go beyond a party or a walk in the outdoors of the city. The north side of the city is compound by amazing places in which learning is the main entrance, and lots of experiencies that will make you visit not one but several times. The main place to visit is “Jardín botánico”, one of the green areas of the city; a very quiet place that people go to have a picnic, practice yoga and find themselves with nature. This is also the place for the main event of books, “Fiesta del libro”, a free entrance event that gathers the city around reading and writing. Next to Jardín botánico you can see the “Parque explora”, a place made for the encounter with science in the most entertaining way possible. it is a place with various rooms that have everything you want to know about in the exploring matter. In front of it you will find “Parque de los deseos” an open place that has the planetarium of the city in it, “Casa de la música” and movies at fresh air. All of these places are connected and it is sort of a tradition to go there by the locals and the ones who visit the city. We invite you to know more about the city, to explore very inch of it for you to not lose track of every detail that Medellin has to offer.

Nothing makes us more proud in Medellin when we say that we are “Paisa”. A name that people from departments as Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío an Antioquia are known by, and also Some other towns in the north side of Valle and Tolima, that were also colonized by Antioqueños. For three days I have been touring around the mountains of this celestial region, starting from Cercanías to Montebello (Antioquia), arriving at Salamina (Caldas), and now on my way to Riosucio to finish again in Antioquia’s land, in the beautiful municipality of Jardín. Here are some pictures I want to share with you.

In fact, Salento, Santa Rosa de Cabal and Filandia, have been recognized as the friendliest destinations of “Eje Cafetero” region – (Coffee Axis region).

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Two things are clear: it is not a meteorite, as you can think about its large size and its presence in the middle of meadows and water, and it was not always like that, but it was formed in the East of Antioquia for about 80 million years.

Geologists confirmed both. The genesis of Piedra del Peñol is in the bowels of the planet, said María Isabel Marín, a doctor of Earth sciences and a professor at Eafit University.

At least 10 municipalities in the East are based on the Antioquia batolith, which according to the expert is a formation product of the movement of tectonic plates that generate a fusion, from which material that crystallizes emerges. Then, what we see is just a mole of a rocky terrain with an area close to 7,800 square kilometers.

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Visit Medellin, we tailor your most incredible and unforgettable experience.

Tulio Ospina Skatepark: when we talk about entertainment I think about in a lot of things that gather in one same place; here, where skateboards, bikes, guitars, friends and diversity coexist can happen things that will create an environment for every kind of person, because its this places where the real human involvement happens, where the respect for each other is essential. Medellín offers lots of places for entertainment purposes in which is even worth it just to pass by, belonging there is part of the process everyone wants to know about. The invitation is to keep discovering about Medellin and it’s remarkable essence.