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Antioquia Central Park. Speaking of innovation and new proposals this is a sample of what Antioquia wants to promote, new spaces so that its inhabitants can have new forms of entertainment, share and generate a change; it is the micro that leads to the macro, starting from the individual citizen and eventually build a pleasant […]

Black and White C13, is an artistic group of one of the 4 branches of Hip-Hop in the 13th commune of Medellín.

Usually located on the escalators in section 6 of commune 13.

Our director and founder William Zuluaga Echeverri (Willi) knows its members since they were children and danced in the commune 13 as a game and full of dreams and desire to get ahead, but especially with their souls full of love for their own identity. For years Willi has supported and promoted them as an artistic expression of urban art and example of the resilience of its members and its community.

For Colombia Private Tours it is a pride to publish this note and invite national and foreign visitors to know first-hand these young people who build a better future from their neighborhood every day and according to their abilities, creativity, ingenuity and passion for their land, values and their people.

We invite you to visit Commune 13 and enjoy its urban art and talent. We offer guided tours.

The Tequendamita waterfall located in El Retiro, Antioquia, 40 minutes from Medellín. A paradise destination where you can admire the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region.

Its name is related to the Tequendama Falls located in Cundinamarca, Colombia.

It is a 20-meter high waterfall of the La Chuscala creek on the Don Diego sidewalk, and around it there are various attractions, restaurants, grocery stores, natural swimming pools, among others, which makes it popular with visitors to the region.

Visit Medellin and Antioquia and discover incredible destinations and experiences.

Medellin, Colombia, one of the most spectacular cities in the world at holidays (December).

The city becomes one of the most spectacular places in the world at December happy holidays. It is the only city in South America that is part of the Assembly of Illuminated Cities of the World and in fact, is considered one of the most incredible Christmas lights in the world. The USA Today newspaper labeled Christmas in Medellín as one of the 25 most impressive lights on the planet.

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According to figures from Migration Colombia and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, 4.2 million non-resident visitors arrived in the country in 2018, with a growth of 7.7% compared to 2017. In addition, today the country has with 24 airlines that connect with 25 countries and has 1,088 direct weekly frequencies, equivalent to 176,825 seats per week.

The world’s airlines see Colombia as a reliable and attractive destination, which strengthens the country’s air connectivity and facilitates the arrival of non-resident visitors to its territory.

This is confirmed by the 15 new routes that have been announced in 2019, the arrival of a new airline and the increase of existing flights.


How Medellín, Colombia, Became the World’s Smartest City


Think of a gondola suspended under a cable, floating high off the ground as it hauls a cabin full of passengers up a long, steep mountain slope. To most people, the image would suggest ski resorts and pricey vacations. To the people who live in the poor mountainside communities once known as favelas at the edges of Medellín, Colombia, the gondola system is a lifeline, and a powerful symbol of an extraordinary urban transformation led by technology and data.

The technology that helped save Medellín is not what you’d see in San Francisco, Boston or Singapore—fleets of driverless cars, big tech companies and artificial intelligence. It is about gathering data to make informed decisions on how to deploy technology where it has the most impact. And it is about establishing a constituency for change that transcends wealth and class. When experts get together to discuss the path to smarter cities, Medellín often comes up as a standard against which any city’s vision for transformation should be measured—including the judges of Newsweek’s Momentum Awards.

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The team of adventurers from the award-winning guide ‘Rough Guides’ shares the reasons why the Antioquia capital is a must-see destination for world travelers.

Medellin lives an incredible moment. Colombia’s second metropolis has shaken off its turbulent history and is a true epicenter of innovation. It is a dynamic, interconnected place, full of possibilities: it has diverse culinary spaces, a vibrant artistic scene and its streets breathe a creative air. The city of eternal spring does not stop growing.

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1. Inspirational innovation

The bright Medellin of today is a transformed city. The democratic architecture policy has rejuvenated its most depressed areas. For example, in an old square dedicated to crime now shine 300 needles of light. Several libraries, of admirable design, revived forgotten neighborhood spaces. In addition, cable cars and escalators connected isolated districts with the heart of the city, such as Commune 13, today recognized for its street art.

2. Real coffee

Medellín rests in one of the main coffee areas of the country that, traditionally, has exported the best of its flagship product while leaving the lowest quality for local consumers. But some establishments are changing that story. The Pergamino brand leads this transformation by displaying its grains of origin, roasted locally in an alternative cafeteria. Medellín has started selling the best types of coffee it produces in the same city.

Interior view of the Antioquia Museum. Photo by

3. Art

Immersed in creativity, Medellín is already worth the ticket only for the works of a young local who became a legendary artist: one Fernando Botero. Twenty-three of his rounded and fascinating sculptures are distributed throughout the Botero Plazoleta, while in the Antioquia Museum, his work is accompanied by the art of other illustrious Colombians.

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4. The gastronomic scene

The luxurious neighborhood El Poblado is the area of good food and the vibrant nights they live until dawn, the culinary scene offers from the traditional to the riskiest. One of its outstanding restaurants is El Cielo, where the chef, Juan Manuel Barrientos, has implemented his vision of peace in the kitchen. There, people who decided to leave their weapons and return to civilian life work together to create masterpieces of molecular cuisine.

5. Getaway to Guatapé

Just two hours from Medellín is Guatapé, a beautiful town of multicolored houses that extend to a peaceful lake. Its neighbor, the stone of El Peñol, breaks into the landscape. It is an imposing 200 meter high monolith. A staircase that draws a zig zag with 649 steps allows you to reach its top. Walkers effort is rewarded with a panorama of several islands in the lake below.

Guatape, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. Photo by:

Guatapé is one of the emblematic places closest to Medellín. It is two hours by road.

At Colombia Private Tours we provide several adventure and nature tours near Medellín City.