*** Outside the city tours (Antioquia) ***

One day tours out of the city, are designed to visit traditional places that normally are touristic sites and are known to be very popular. These tours can be personalized according to your interests and convenience, hoping to give you a great satisfaction and a good use of your time.
The time these kind of tours take is about 8 to 10 hours and the average distance is 50 to 84 miles (80 to 135 kilometers) by paved road, in most of the cases. In these trips you can enjoy constantly of beautiful landscapes and panoramic views, also the astonishing Colombian geography.
The tours’ fees can be different according to the number of hours, people, kind of vehicle, city distance to the place we are heading, and personalization characteristics of the tour. They can also be quoted on full included packages, which means to have into account the prices table that is just an approximate of the costs for guidance and transport without including, entry to attractions or public transport.

Optimum destination for those who love the religious and colonial architecture, and also like warm weather and to be surrounded by history and tradition. The tour includes stops in traditional places along the way, a route around the colonial area of Santa Fe de Antioquia (walking or by car) and the visit to the magnificent and historical hanging bridge of West. If the conditions of the road allow it, these activities can be complemented which short ecologically walks and visits to waterfalls, as well as a sunny day in one of the really really nice hotels of the zone.

Difficulty level: minimum. Able to be adapted to any type of public.