Cundiboyacense Savannah : From Medellín to this region, there are several travel options that can be taken, as well as the itinerary and sites to visit, according to the relevance of the traveler’s topics of interest. Whether starting with the historical, patriotic and diverse geography of the Santanderes, or through the cosmopolitan, cultural and active capital of our beautiful country, the experience in this region is full of memorable historical sites, captivating crop landscapes, gentle communities of humble peasants in their green plots, rivers that tell stories and adventures, canyons, lagoons and museums that even shine with gold and even enchant with the green of their emeralds carved into huge salt cathedrals. All as if it were a story out of the imagination of the gods that were part of the rich history of this great region of Colombia.

This itinerary is in construction right now. We are preparing and arranging its logistics in order to provide the best and safest experience for you.