Black and White C13, is an artistic group of one of the 4 branches of Hip-Hop in the 13th commune of Medellín.

Usually located on the escalators in section 6 of commune 13.

Our director and founder William Zuluaga Echeverri (Willi) knows its members since they were children and danced in the commune 13 as a game and full of dreams and desire to get ahead, but especially with their souls full of love for their own identity. For years Willi has supported and promoted them as an artistic expression of urban art and example of the resilience of its members and its community.

For Colombia Private Tours it is a pride to publish this note and invite national and foreign visitors to know first-hand these young people who build a better future from their neighborhood every day and according to their abilities, creativity, ingenuity and passion for their land, values and their people.

We invite you to visit Commune 13 and enjoy its urban art and talent. We offer guided tours.