Even though the naional government has given a date to re-open the international flights to September 1st, in the local aeronautic schedule is planned that the whole flights are going to be normalized by the end of novemeber.

In the schedule of the local flight department for the international flights has foreseen that in july some operational accords are planned, on september the first plans about safety corridors in the airports and the opening of general aviation and business related issues. On october the passengers traveling will be available and on november the re-opening of flights for “tourism and visitors”, said BluRadio (A local news radio station).

According to this schedule, during july Colombia has had conversations with other countries to coordinate the international conections. Nonetheless, it must be taken into account that the authorizations for the routes will depend on the health department. In case of none of the routes are available, the travelers must have to postpone their trips; it is stated as such in the medium.

On the other hand, according to IATA, the national government and Bogota’s town hall on august 15th there will be a meeting to talk about the re-opening of “El Dorado”, which is Bogota’s airport. The IATA says that the airlines are ready with biosecurity protocols to start operations.

“Is a good sign that national governments develop certain conversations for the re-opening with a determined date of the domestic aerial services in Colombia, including, El Dorado (Bogotá) as the most important airport for the country”, said the IATA.