Medellin is a very rich touristic place, but the traditions of the local people is what intrigues to know about culture and other experiencies that go beyond a party or a walk in the outdoors of the city. The north side of the city is compound by amazing places in which learning is the main entrance, and lots of experiencies that will make you visit not one but several times. The main place to visit is “Jardín botánico”, one of the green areas of the city; a very quiet place that people go to have a picnic, practice yoga and find themselves with nature. This is also the place for the main event of books, “Fiesta del libro”, a free entrance event that gathers the city around reading and writing. Next to Jardín botánico you can see the “Parque explora”, a place made for the encounter with science in the most entertaining way possible. it is a place with various rooms that have everything you want to know about in the exploring matter. In front of it you will find “Parque de los deseos” an open place that has the planetarium of the city in it, “Casa de la música” and movies at fresh air. All of these places are connected and it is sort of a tradition to go there by the locals and the ones who visit the city. We invite you to know more about the city, to explore very inch of it for you to not lose track of every detail that Medellin has to offer.