Medellín, a pet friendly city
The city has been growing exponentially, not only humans are the ones increasing in number, our furry friends that also make part of this big number belong to our society. That increase has meant big and positive changes; the city has taken part to build new places, events and encounters in which pets and us(humans) can enjoy all of these big opportunities.
In the last year several parks were renovated in order to have a proper environment for those who visit it, adapting those places not only for us (people) but also for pets to enjoy for a clean and nice place in which they can get to know other dogs and run along with them. But not only there is open places, the city has been aware of this situation so a lot of places welcome pets as any other person that visits it; places such as, malls, some coffee places, restaurants and some bars in the city.
We invite you everybody to know about this experiences of getting in touch with Medellin from another perspective.