I write to you full of happiness, for having shared a wonderful experience of nine formidable days with my new friends from Australia, with whom, for some months, I planned their visit to Colombia
Philip, Michelle, Paul, and Kathy were just great. Together they allowed my guide and support to adapt every detail of the trip according to the flow of things, of course following a plan, but not strictly attached to it. Each passing day seemed to be the best, but my traveling friends were always surprised by new experiences that surpassed those of previous days. Things simply gave a pleasant turn to new surprises. Diversity of people, landscapes, flavors and learning enriched each day, giving a special meaning to the shared moments.
The title of this note refers to our constant companion … music. The melodies were the main theme with which the entire trip was personalized. Philip and Michelle are a beautiful couple of musicians, Paul and Kathy are a source of smiles and joy that made the perfect and spontaneous choreography to the melodies of their talented friends. All of them together are a beautiful example of love, friendship, simplicity, and kindness.
There are many wonderful people that my work has allowed me to meet, with them I have been able to live unforgettable moments.
I share with you some of those beautiful moments that my new friends have allowed me to make you part of.
Greetings to all and best wishes this Christmas and the new year.