Nothing makes us more proud in Medellin when we say that we are “Paisa”. A name that people from departments as Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío an Antioquia are known by, and also Some other towns in the north side of Valle and Tolima, that were also colonized by Antioqueños. For three days I have been touring around the mountains of this celestial region, starting from Cercanías to Montebello (Antioquia), arriving at Salamina (Caldas), and now on my way to Riosucio to finish again in Antioquia’s land, in the beautiful municipality of Jardín. Here are some pictures I want to share with you.

In fact, Salento, Santa Rosa de Cabal and Filandia, have been recognized as the friendliest destinations of “Eje Cafetero” region – (Coffee Axis region).

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