Complementary services

With the purpose of offering comprehensive care and greater coverage, I have the support and trust of qualified and honest professionals, duly certified in several areas of service; as well as commercially in logistics issues in the tourism and accommodation sector with allied companies and institutions through which I accompany them with guidance on solutions and services that meet the needs and requirements.

Some services are:
Accompanying as a translator and support in other Spanish-speaking countries: Accompaniment to other regions unknown to me in the country or outside it, I have attended it satisfactorily and successfully, thanks to the good preparation and planning that I have maintained together with my clients.
Logistics in relocation of foreign citizens seeking a good retreat in Medellín or Antioquia (Relocations)
Passenger transport for hours and / or small moving activities.
Legal and commercial advice.
Migration Issues
Purchase and sale of real estate and vehicles.
Therapeutic massages.
Dance classes
Dental services
Ophthalmological services
Cosmetic surgeries.

For the provision of some of these services, I refer and accompany you to professionals or companies legally accredited and competent so that you receive the service or product directly and without intermediation. You can verify the legality and professionalism of the specialist. My attention is limited to merely complementary logistical support, associated with obtaining or accessing the service.