*** City Tours (Medellin, Colombia) ***

Their design is based on our practice, knowledge and experience, with the purpose of providing support and information about the multiple issues that can be enjoyed in the Aburra Valley Metropolitan Area, whether focused on specific issues, or as alternatives that can be combined to give flexibility, diversity and customization, according to your interest and convenience, hoping to guarantee your satisfaction and an optimal and effective use of their time.
For these reasons the rates of city tours vary according to the number of hours, number of people, type of transport and characteristics of the tour customization. The price table only gives an approximate idea of the costs of guidance and transportation without including food or admission to public transportation or attractions.
The communes and their stories, the most tourist sites, urban art, graffiti, history, architecture, food, exotic fruits, traditional markets, urban transport and social transformation of Medellin, urban ecotourism, photography, bird watching, etc. These are just some of the issues that we can address during the Medellin tours. Or simply tell us what you want to do and enjoy in the city and we will gladly adjust the services according to your plans, expectations and possibilities.

Main city tours. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to custom a tour to a destination not listed here.

Medellin City Tour: Available from 4 hours onwards to discuss specific topics. Recommended 6 hours to enjoy the most tourist and relevant sites in the city. And 8 hours or more, if you want to do it combining different topics of your greatest interest. Difficulty level: Minimum. Adaptable to all types of public.

Architecture and religious art tour: Its not about you faith, religion or your personal beliefs. This experience is to get you to know to the artwork of those who were talented builders and artists of works inspired in the spirituality of our culture, leaving us a very valuable legacy of beautiful art pieces. Difficulty level: […]

History, architecture, and social transformation tour:  This is the tour to understand why Medellin is a city with profound social differences, innovative and full of entrepreneur people that you can perceive in lots of its phases. In this experience you can clarify your opinion about why Medellin is how it is, from where it comes […]

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Art and graffiti tour: Medellín has various museums and it’s at the time a museum for the urban art. This route is an opportunity to explore the art from the perspective of the artists and their expressions. Minimum hours 4 hours. Difficulty level: Minimum. Available for every public.

Demystifying the “narcos”:  With 52 years old, born and raised in Medellín, in a professional and responsible way with the victim, where I can place myself in, I have developed an interpretative route for the places related with mafia influence that stoke Medellin and Colombia since the politic violence until this day, everything supported by […]

Exotic fruits, foods and typical flavors: Delight tasting and discovering fruits, vegetables and foods that represent us with the true flavor of our region. Difficulty level: Minimum. Available for every public.

Arvi park tour: This one also is referred to as Santa Elena tour, is an encounter with the spirit of “Antioqueños”, our traditions and flowers. Its an ecological environment in the heights of the city. Amazing lookouts to enjoy a good view are part of this journey that lasts around 6 hours. The is an […]

Commune 13: Contextualized visit in the history of the city, its resilience and social transformation. On the way, the community electric stairs are crossed while some of the graffiti of this tourist area of the city and via aerial cable, other areas of this and another commune are appreciated. Difficulty level: Medium. Not easy for […]