Touristic sites: A route for the most representative places that every tourist would like to see.

From Medellin mountains: Is the opportunity to see the real dimension of the city from a geographic perspective.

Medellin photography:  You give me a topic and I give you the best scenario for the pictures of your portraits.

Walks: Urban, rural and social walks to interact with the various faces of Medellin.

Shopping: I join you to shopping in the best places according to your budget and preferences.

Business:  If you are here to explore the explore the market and look for investment opportunities´ we can go to those places of your interest.

Museums: Visits to the city museums of your interest.

Ecologic: This tour allows us to enjoy the green part of the city

Marketplaces, fruits and vegetables: Making sure we are taking care of you we learn about the local gastronomy and genuine interaction with our daily routines.

Birdwatching: I personally love this activity although I am a novice in the topic, but I know where to go to watch birds and what I have learned I can share.

Neighborhoods, histories and local bars: Not available yet*

Basic fishing: A good tour for those who are not so experienced but enjoy the natural environment,

Parks and characters: Not available yet*

What does a city tour includes?

Guide, traditional tourism policy, private  ransport in suitable vehicles registered with a license in special touristic services.

General recommendations:

  • Bring personal Identification or a copy of your passport
  • Use hat, comfortable shoes to walk (sandals are not recommended) and sunglasses
  • Its very important to have a cellphone, water, money in local currency and sunscreen
  • Repellent for the tours to farms, ecologic walks or green zones of the city