*** Outside the city tours (Antioquia) ***

One day tours out of the city, are designed to visit traditional places that normally are touristic sites and are known to be very popular. These tours can be personalized according to your interests and convenience, hoping to give you a great satisfaction and a good use of your time.
The time these kind of tours take is about 8 to 10 hours and the average distance is 50 to 84 miles (80 to 135 kilometers) by paved road, in most of the cases. In these trips you can enjoy constantly of beautiful landscapes and panoramic views, also the astonishing Colombian geography.
The tours’ fees can be different according to the number of hours, people, kind of vehicle, city distance to the place we are heading, and personalization characteristics of the tour. They can also be quoted on full included packages, which means to have into account the prices table that is just an approximate of the costs for guidance and transport without including, entry to attractions or public transport.

It includes a visit to “Piedra del peñol”, an enormous monolith of 220 meters (722 feet) height and a walk for the colorful town Guatapé, considered by UNESCO as one of the most colorful towns in the world; geographic, cultural and natural unique scenarios that awakens visitor’s attention. This captivating contrast allows us to enjoy […]

Experience Rio Claro, the most enchanting jungle river in Antioquia with its green marble floor at the bottom. This unforgettable tour takes you through the heart of the evergreen Andes mountains, amidst jungle terrain with exotic birds, plants and fruits. The region itself is a natural reserve. It is in the steamy and remote Magdalena […]

Támesis is a town and municipality in the Colombian department of Antioquia. Part of the subregion of Southwestern Antioquia. It was established in 1858. The local economy is based on agriculture. The mountains in the area, including the Cerro de Cristo Rey mountain overlooking Támesis and a sacred mountain to the Indians, contain valuable mineral […]

Jardín, a town in the mountains just four hours to the south of Medellin, preserves a colonial appearance that seems unchanged by the modern advances of this century.  Difficulty level: low. Possible to be adapted to almost all types of public. The town’s name is no mystery—its beautiful garden-like atmosphere and lush green landscapes enchant […]

Around 3 hours walking over these unforgettable journey and adventure, during approximately 45 minutes of the time, throughout the interior of a mountain in a life cavern. The activity includes a walk through the forest, swimming a little bit and jumping in the water inside of the dark of the cavern.  Difficulty level: High. Not […]

Perfect and moderated 3 hours basic adventure in between an amazing tropical forest.  Difficulty level: low. Possible to be adapted to almost all types of public. Recommended to stay overnight.

From the heights of the west branch of Antioquian Andes, let the adrenaline to help you to enjoy the exiting of these experiences while enjoying wonderful views. Half day activity, walking, climbing and rappelling.   Difficulty level: High. Not able to be adapted to all types of public. Recommended to stay overnight.

I love this kind of job with the clients and I am a novice in the ornithology society but I am learning where to go to watch birds and what I have learned I can share it with you.  Only in Aburrá Valley, where Medellín is located, we have excellent places to enjoy the bird-watching […]

known as the milk route or “Antioqueña Switzerland” due to its geography and never-ending green of its fertile pasturelands. Traveling around this always fresh and dreamy region is a meeting with the peaceful and calmed life of the outskirts, which you can breathe and fell in the skin during the whole trip. Believe it or […]

This circuit goes through some of the most traditional places of the region from the east part of Antioquia, it lead us to explore the handmade art of ceramics, landscapes of mountains, crops of flowers, agricultural products, farms and regional flavors, while the people and their hospitality make you feel comfortable, so you can also […]