Experience Rio Claro, the most enchanting jungle river in Antioquia with its green marble floor at the bottom. This unforgettable tour takes you through the heart of the evergreen Andes mountains, amidst jungle terrain with exotic birds, plants and fruits.

The region itself is a natural reserve.

It is in the steamy and remote Magdalena Medio region of Antioquia, the reserve encompasses 450 hectares (1,100 acres) along the Río Claro canyon, a babbling, crystal-clear river. This reserve is a place to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the river and its jungle and to disconnect from the hectic pace of urban life.

On weekends, Río Claro receives many visitors. In addition to those staying at the reserve, many day visitors spend the afternoon at Río Claro. Don’t go on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday if you seek a peaceful commune with nature. If you visit the reserve midweek, you’ll most likely have the place practically to yourself, which is heavenly.

Difficulty level: low. Possible to be adapted to almost all types of public.