Colombia Private Tours informs all those interested in occupying our services that:
Reservations are only made with full names and passport numbers of each of the participants of the contracted activities, in order to comply with the legal requirements demanded by the different local authorities that control and regulate us.
Due to the private and personalized service model we offer, all reservation requests are subject to verification before being accepted and confirmed.
We do not promote or promote any type of activity that violates Colombian laws, the well-being of our population, the environment or the socio-cultural customs of the country. Likewise, those of a global nature that go against the good principles and good practices determined by the World Tourism Organization.
The rates may vary according to the particular requests for personalization of the services, the different seasons of occupation, or the monetary adjustments that are determined by the economic authorities of the country.
We strongly reject sexual abuse of minors.

Any important medical conditions, physical issues or health restrictions, must be informed during the booking process. Also, any religious or cultural subjects that we should keep on mind during the performance of our services