Colombian top expedition tours.

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Tour for loner travelers: The experience of so many years gained me a lot of expertise and a good reputation helping travelers that need to find a good ally and a traveling partner in unknown places, such as national destinations and international ones as well, to be an assistant, translator and other specifications you require […]

Cundiboyacense Savannah : From Medellín to this region, there are several travel options that can be taken, as well as the itinerary and sites to visit, according to the relevance of the traveler’s topics of interest. Whether starting with the historical, patriotic and diverse geography of the Santanderes, or through the cosmopolitan, cultural and active […]

Sport fishing in the Exotic Pacific: Seeing a great view of Medellin from the air aboard a small plane or plane, slowly you lose sight of the green sea of ​​thick vegetation that is emerging along approximately 45 minutes of flight, until the moment the imposing Colombian Pacific Coast appears, in the lush and wild […]

Coffee Zone or Coffee Triangle: Leaving from Medellin early in the morning, start this adventure looking to enjoy the sunrise from the heights of the mountains of the central Andes, on the way to the heart of the Colombian coffee tradition, in the Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío departments. The route that runs for approximately 4 […]